Psychic & Spiritual Readings

For anyone coming for an Animal Healing it is important for them to relax and keep an open mind.

Psychic and spiritual readings

Readings are conducted in a peaceful, dedicated room in my house in Wetherby. For people with disabilities or mobility issues I am willing to do home visits. If the traveling distance is greater than 5 miles I will need to make an additional charge to cover my costs, which will be agreed at the time of booking.

For anyone coming for a reading it is important for them to relax and keep an open mind. This enables our energies to blend together — the reading will be much more fulfilling. People with a total focus on one single issue may find that the strength of that focus may act to block the answer they are seeking, so you should expect to hear about any number of issues from your life.

Crystal Readings

I work with crystals, which I use as a point of focus. I will ask you to choose some crystals from a large selection and to hold them in the palms of your hands for a few minutes. Which crystals you choose, and how many, is entirely up to you. I then ask you to hand me a crystal that you feel particularly drawn to, so that my guides can tune into it. Then we can begin your reading. During the reading I may ask you to pick further crystals to hand to me.

I also see spirit and will be able to tell you who is with you, along with evidence of how they have passed.

I always finish with a tarot reading. It helps to confirm the information in which you have received.

Photo Readings or Object Readings

These proceed in a similar fashion to the above, except that you bring with you a photograph or object, which could relate to yourself or someone who has passed over. I tune into the picture or the object. It should be noted that it is not always possible to bring the loved one forward and I always stress this before I begin your reading.


Past, Present and Potential

This is to help guide you along with pathway! Giving messages from your spirit guides and helpers to assist you giving guidance and reassurance where needed. This is on a one to one basis.

Tarot Readings

Tarot readings are now combined with your one to one reading.

Tarot cards