About Deborah

While I was a child growing up in Leeds, I could sense spirit around me but didn't really understand it. At school I got teased for being different.

When I was 20 I got married and had two lovely boys. Unfortunately, the marriage didn’t work out and I was left trying to bring up my children on my own. During this time I stopped seeing spirit. But now I know that I was still being watched over. In 2000 I started up my own ironing business, met a lovely man called Nigel, moved to Thorner and my life started to fall into place once again.

Nigel and I got married in 2008 and two years later we moved to Wetherby, somewhere I had always felt drawn to. We were, and still are, very happy. My contentment brought my spirit guides close to me once more and I knew now was the time to develop my psychic abilities to their fullest. I think my spiritual journey began with my miserable schooldays, as they allowed me to empathise with others who were unhappy. As my personal confidence has grown over the years I have been able to help many people on their own paths to happiness.

I attended the spiritualist churches in Harrogate and York and took part in workshops to learn more about, and help strengthen, certain abilities. And it was on an advanced private reading course at the Arthur Finlay College in Stanstead — the worldwide learning centre of the Spiritualist Church — that I discovered the path my guides wished me to follow.

In 2008 I felt myself being drawn to the healing side of spiritual work and started to study Usui Reiki. I achieved the First Degree in May of that year, going on to gain the Second Degree in November. In 2013 I finally attained my Reiki Master qualification.

My gift is not unique — it’s a fundamental part of us all. All you have to do to tap into it is to open your mind and your heart. Those that do can sometimes feel confused, troubled or even a bit fearful. For those people I have started to run development classes (currently on a Monday evening in Wetherby, West Yorkshire), where they can explore with like-minded people their new awareness of the world. These classes are designed to be mutually supportive, non-judgmental and, most of all, fun.

I love and adore my work with spirit. I feel privileged that I have been given this special gift so that I help others and, hopefully, help them find the pure joy that life can give us all… if we just reach out for it.